[KoW] Knights of War
Mission Statement

"Knights of War" is a force-reconnaissance, MilSim Airsoft team. Our goal is to open and maintain an airsoft field in Northern Ohio. In the between time, we are a team that is here to serve, lead, and honor the sport of airsoft. We are a dedicated group of players who not only dedicate ourselves to the sport, but also to our team. We meet regularly to have business meetings and discuss where the team is going. We follow a dress code, and we take it seriously. We don’t want to offend any real military veterans and so we do not wear any real military patches unless they were earned by the specific player. These restrictions can be found in our player’s handbook. We dedicate ourselves to having a full team at events as often as possible. We try to act as a family and make each other better, not just in the sport, but also in our daily lives. As a part of the Airsoft Ohio community, Knights of War also strives to help rebuild the great community of Airsoft Ohio.

EST 8/11/2014